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The latest in dating tips, trends and the singles scene.

Bring on the Virtual Dates
With shelter in place in action, more and more singles are finding they have more time at home on their hands. And those singles who live alone have been sharing their desire for more connection not only with friends and family, but also wanting to find that special person. Yes, health and safety is the priority, but that doesn't mean that we have to cancel or postpone connection, even meeting someone new! More

How to Stay Connected to Others in A Time of Isolation
By nature, humans are social creatures who gravitate towards each other. Our day to day lives revolve around interaction with others: making phone calls and sending emails at work, chatting with a barista or even saying hello or waving to our everyday “commuter friends” on the way into the office. We have a need and desire for connection. More

Pivot Your Perspective: Time For A Pulse Check
As you are beginning this new journey into a temporary stay-at-home life, there are two ways you can approach it. The first is that you’re stuck and you’re lonely, your life is going to be bleak. The second is figuring out who you are going to re-emerge as; how you choose to live this life, what you’re going to change and how you are going to evolve. More

Trending: Social Distancing and Creating New Opportunities In Dating.
We believe in the power of opportunity, bringing singles together and being a part of their love story. So, let’s be honest, COVID-19 is dramatically disrupting the way that we live, interact and also date. Which means that in this pandemic the landscape of dating is changing rapidly. More

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